Gravehuffer – Blasphemusic


There are a ton of new drugs out there, particularly crazy destructive ones. Take Krokadil for example, it’s from Russia and makes your skin degenerate. Huffing paint and aerosol isn’t anything new, but what about Gravehuffing? If you huff the fumes from a coffin, does that make you a Gravehuffer? Wonder what effect that would have on your body. Maybe turn you into a zombie..or possibly turn you into a thrash/crust/punk fan..who knows.

Gravehuffer is a Joplin based amalgamation of heavy music. When you pop in their debut album “Blasphemusic”, be prepared to hear a ton of different influences (I mean, you can fit a ton of influences within twenty tracks). I think the most prevalent genre tags would be thrash metal, crust/punk, sludge metal, and a bit of death metal. They give you a very varied album, at some points it almost seems too much to take in at one sitting.

I had to listen to the Gravehuffer album in several different sittings, simply because it was a little too much for me. Not that it’s a bad album, but it’s hard for me to listen to twenty tracks of one particular band at one time. I really enjoy the first half of the album because the production value is a bit better which helps you enjoy every part of the band a bit better.  My choice cuts for this part of the album definitely have to be “Circle of Blood” and “Book of Enoch”.  These two tracks are incredibly heavy and remind me of bands like Crowbar mixed in with a hint of punk. That really encompasses my musical tastebuds very well.

The second half of the album is rawer, giving Gravehuffer DIY props. Also on this portion of the album, you get to hear them rip out a more intense version of “Into the Crypt of Rays”, made famous by Celtic Frost. Really solid cover, A+ in my book. My choice cuts for this portion of the album have to be “Gutsick” and “Inherit the Wasteland”. With Gutsick, you really get to hear their hardcore punk/grind influences with the tempo and the songwriting. “Inherit the Wasteland” brings you some melodic edge, which is also a good representation of their diversity in writing. Directly after the nice melodic intro, you get crushed by hammering riffs and blastbeats at high speeds.

One final shout out goes to their vocalist, I really dig how he lays down his screaming. It sounds really intense, but unique in its own way. Not sure how to describe it in depth, but I guess that gives you a good reason to hit the band up and purchase their album, right?

All in all, this is a lot of music to digest. The songs are not lengthy; there are just plenty of them to listen to. Overall I’m pleased with the album, as I’ve listened to it a lot over the past few weeks. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who digs underground music on the heavier levels.  Gravehuffer presents you with so many of their influences, they achieve hitting most of every fanbase within the realm of heavy music.



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